The Butterfly

The Butterfly
If I try to too be like a butterfly
And fly up to the sky, to see the sun
The sun will burn the butterfly’s wings
And it tumble too the grounds and die
I wish I was that butterfly!

If I try too be like a fish
And swim in the beautiful sea
A fisherman’s hook will be
Stuck in my fin and there it will
Stay too the end of the day
And the fish will die that way

If I try too be like a hedgehog
And see the world that way
I will cross the road some Day
And all I will see, is the car
Running over me

If I try too be like a small bird
Sitting on a pole, singing of joy
I wouldn’t see the bird of prey
Hanging over me, flying would
Not rescue me.

If I try too being me there is something
Very dark hanging over me
Every time I open my eyes and try to see
Those darkness is are allI see.
So why try too be me

Copyright © Merian


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